Useful Info

Stencils’ maintenance

Our stencils should provide many years of use with a little care.

We advise cleaning a stencil directly after every use, if you live it without cleaning the paint will be more difficult to get rid of and you will need a pre-soaking period to make it happen.
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What is a water decal?

Water Decal is a fairly easy technique of transferring a print (or an image) onto any hard surface: wood, metal, glass, plastic or wax.
All you really need is sharp scissors and a bowl of water.


Wikipedia describes Water Decals as following:

…it is a plastic layer that has printed on it an image that can be moved to another surface upon contact, with the aid of water.

The word is short for ‘decalcomania’, which is the English version of the French word ‘décalcomanie’. The technique was invented by Simon François Ravenet, a French engraver who later moved to England and perfected the process he called “decalquer” (which means to copy by tracing); it became widespread during the decal craze of the late 19th century.

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