The banner with a title and a wall with pattern stenciled.

Stenciling a pattern – time lapse tutorial

Main banner - feathers pattern on a wall with paint ruler in foreground

Stenciling shabby chic pattern on a wall

Please have a look at the short presentation of pattern stenciling.

Application Process

The technique is fairly easy – the stencil has elements that overlap each other when applying individual blocks of pattern.

You paint the first block in the middle of top part of your working area, then you go to the side joining the blocks together by matching the overlapping elements, and then you repeat the process on the other side. After that you start from the middle of the row below, and so on.

Picture shows a paint roler and tray laying on shabby chic coffee tableA man's hand with a paint roller on the background of wall with grey stenciled patternA wall with a stenciled pattern painted greyPicture shows a paint roler and tray laying on shabby chic coffee table

It took around one hour to finish the part of the wall shown in the video.
The stencil used in the tutorial is available in our shop as Doodle Zentangle Feathers Pattern #093, the sized used – A3 (medium).

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