Stenciled Letters Sets and Alphabets

Our range of letters sets with numerals and signs

There are plenty of times when you want to use those: letters, numbers or signs. Whether it’s to make an informative plaque on a toilet door or paint numbers on a restaurant tables – these stenciled sets of letters are here to help. Let me present our collection.

Arial and Times New Roman

Let start with two no-nonsense, strictly informative fonts. Both of them we created recently, as a custom order for an artist from the US who needed them for a project.


It is clean and readable san-serif, and goes as a full set of upper and lowercase with numerals and signs.

Click here to find Arial Stencil.

Times New Roman

Everyone knows this alphabet – all you need to do is open a newspaper and you have it all over you. It is also clean and readable but the serifs (small strokes attached at the ends of bigger strokes of the symbols) give more “educated” feel.

Click here to find Times New Roman Stencil

Paddington Roman

This elegant set of letters is uppercase only (with numerals and signs).

Click here to find Paddington Roman font.

Fenners Roman

This alphabet is even more elegant than the previous one. It’s name originates in Fenners Hotel in Cambridge, where we were contracted to make a reception desk with it’s name printed at the front.
The set contains uppercase letters, numbers and signs.

Click here to find Fenners Hotel font.

Algerian Font Set

We have two version of this font – uppercase only (with numerals and signs) and full (with lowercase included)

Algerian Font Full (uppercase and lowercase)

Click here for Algerian Font Full

Algerian Font Uppercase Only

Click here for Algerian Font Uppercase Only

Vintage Victorian Font Set

This decorative set of letters is the last one on our list so far. It contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, together with numerals and signs

Click here to find Vintage Victorian Font

Custom letters, perhaps?

Do you need a specific font? Let us know, we will make a custom set for you.
Just drop us a line or leave a comment below.

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