Copper and Brass Corner Three Shelf Unit with Reclaimed Wood


Rustic industrial CORNER SHELF WALL UNIT:
– copper pipes
– brass fittings
– reclaimed wood
– three shelves
Assembly required.


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Copper & Brass Corner Wall Bookshelf

3 Shelves Wall of Reclaimed Wood Unit in a Steampunk Style


Three shelf corner unit made of copper pipes, brass fittings and reclaimed wood.
It will perfectly fit in any corner of your room, kitchen, bathroom or workshop.

It’s HANDMADE and BESPOKE piece of furniture which can be entirely adapted to the customer needs.
Made in retro – vintage style, it mixes a bit of steampunk and Jules Verne novels atmosphere.

The unit is wall mounted and extra solid with three shelves.
Detailed instructions on assembly and mounting will be provided.


length of each shelf: 100 cm (39.5″)
height (from top bracket to the bottom one): 83 cm (33″)
depth of each shelf: 22 cm (8.5″)
shelf thickness: 3.5 cm (1.5″)

distance between shelves: 33 cm (13″)
distance between top and bottom shelf: 69 cm (27″)
weight: 22 kg

Metal and wood

THE WOOD: the planks are reclaimed pine, previously used as scaffolding boards. Bear in mind that as reclaimed material every plank is unique, different cracks, dents and knots give each one distinctive character.

THE COLOUR:The wood presented on the images is protected with satin natural oak stain, however the colour and the protection can be customized.
The choice is yours.

You can find some colour examples in the image gallery.

THE METAL The pipes are made of copper (15mm diameter), the same as widely used in a plumbing industry. They are polished and covered with high gloss metal lacquer, however we can leave it unprotected if you want the metal to darken during the time.
The fittings are made of brass.

The vertical pipes go through the shelves which makes the construction extremely solid.
The shelves have 30 points for screw fixings, that means with appropriate fixings it can be mounted even to a plasterboard.

We can customize it

The colour of wood finish and size (including depth) can be customized, just let us know your needs.

Completion time and shipping

As the shelf is made to order, it may take up to 2 weeks to complete. It can be also collected in person.

The item will be posted dismantled, with detailed instructions on how to assemble it.
The mounting itself is not difficult and can be done by one person, however a helping hand will make the process easier.

UK shipping is FREE
It can also be shipped worldwide, just contact us for details.

Copper and Brass Reclaimed Wood Wall Units

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