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In the country I come from, when the weather is dry, sky bright and the sunshine makes all the colours vibrant, this season is called a Golden Polish Autumn. On the other hand, when is raining, cold and depressigng – they call it a Typical English Weather. And I wonder why. This year, the autumn in UK is golden indeed.

Print and Cut

A lady contacted us with a very straightforward job – printing of autumn related water slide stickers. The image she emailed us showed few copies of two beautifully hand drawn leaves – an orangey yellow maple leaf and the other one, vividly red.

The leaves were printed on A3 sheet, and – for increased visibility – the background of this sticker was white. When the varnish dried up (always remember to protect your printed decal with a varnish or a wax) we put the sheet through our old trusty plotter and cut the design neaty out, leaving approx 0.5 mm margin around each leaf.

All of a sudden, it all makes me think of mushrooms.
I need to go to the forest.

Custom design printed, perhaps?

Do you need a specific design to be printed as a water slide decal? Let us know, we will do a custom job for you.
Just drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Not sure this is a right print transfer method? Applying water decals is realy easy, please watch the tutorial to find out more: How to Apply Large Water Decals

Or maybe you want to try your skills and DIY it? Again – you are in a good place, here is a link to the blank water decal sheets sold in our shop: .



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