How to shabby chic stencil: tutorial

How to Stencil Tutorial – part 1

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Basics stenciling with a roller

We want to show you a technique we use when stenciling. We do shabby chic makeovers on daily basis and the tool we value the most is a simple paint roller. The paint roller lets to spread paint evenly and prevents smudging. We use dry paint method, stenciling is fairly easy this way.


In this tutorial we used “Graphite” – Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, but a thick acrylic paint of any kind will also do the job.


You do not need many tools to do a stencil. Apart from the stencil itself, a paint roller with a simple sponge head and drip tray you need a low tack paper tape and a dry cloth to removing excess of paint.

Step one: position the stencil

You want to position the stencil on the surface. Use a regular painters’ paper tape, preferably low tack one, to secure edges of the stencil.

Step two: prepare the roller

You want the roller’s head to be evenly covered in paint. You want to make the sponge soaking wet right to the core. And when you did it – you need to remove as much excess as possible, first rolling the sponge over the drip tray and then over the cloth. You want to have the sponge almost dry.

Step three: stenciling

The first rule of stenciling is do not rush, take it slowly. You want to do it well, not quickly.
The second rule of stenciling is keep it dry. To much paint on the sponge will make smudges.
The third rule of stenciling is do not press it, you want to make the roller moves just under its own weight, do not add any extra pressure.
If it is not clear enough – just watch the video above.

The Stencil

The stencil used in the tutorial is available to buy in our online shop as Decorative Floral Heart Stencil for Shabby Chic Projects.

The design itself is originally created by us, the basic shape taken from some old East-European embroidered woolen pillow.

Please note: in the video I used a sound track created by Andy Pendeho. You can listen to this tune (and many more) on Youtube.

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