How To Make Custom Water Slide Decals - Tutorial

How to Make Custom Water Slide Decals – Tutorial

How To Make Custom Water Slide Decals - Tutorial

Preparing Custom Water Decal.

Using Water Slide Decals is a very easy method of transferring print to furniture, the effect achieved with this medium can be quite striking.

In this tutorial you can see how straightforward is creating your own furniture print transfer with our Blank Water Slide Decal sheets, you will learn how to PRINT, and how to PROTECT your transfer.

What you need

1. Inkjet printer

Our Water decals are for use with inkjet printers only, therefore you need an inkjet printer; in the tutorial we used HP Photosmart, but you can use any other brand or model.

2. Spray varnish

As ink is very vulnerable to water, you need also a mean of protection protection for your print. We use acetone based spray varnish (very smelly) and our choice is (available on UK market) Rust Oleum’s “Crystal Clear” matt finish.

3. Dust Mask

For your personal protection you need a small particles respirator dust mask.

Printing the Design

Printable side of the Water Slide Decal Sheet is shiny, so using HP Photosmart you must face the paper shiny side down (please note that with various printers this may be otherwise).

Use the best quality in printing settings, and if your design is back and white use “black ink only” option.

After printing let the ink dry for few minutes, and then protect the design.

Spray the Print

Do not forget to put your dust mask on. As acetone based varnish is very smelly use well ventilated room to do it.

Shake the can vigorously and spray the surface evenly, keeping the can approx 30cm (10 inches) from the sheet.

Leave it to Dry

After approx half an hour (depending on the air humidity) the varnish is dry and your Water Slide Decal is ready to use.

The Next Step

How to Apply Large Water Decals Tutorial
The next step is to APPLY the decal. Click the link to find out How to APPLY the Water Slide Decal.

water decal print transfer - pret a porter
Also – the decal used in the tutorial is available in our shop as Vintage Pret-a-Porter Advert

Music Used in the Video

Soundtrack used in this video tutorial is created by Andy Pendeho. If you liked it you should visit his YouTube channel: Andy Pendeho – Luvka Sound Rec.


  1. Mary

    I would love to buy your products but have little experience. Your video re the A3 design, I can’t get my head around how moving the paper back and forth helped the transfer stick.
    I am worried that if I did it all the design would be hap hazard.
    Would love some tips please.

    1. admin Post author

      This is a charm of water slide decals – as long as there is a layer of water between the decal and the surface it is very easy to slide it and to position it correctly.
      Buying our blank decals you will receive one or two ready to use printed decals for you to try before big job.
      Kind regards – Kris

  2. Pam

    Thanks for the video, going to check out your designs.

    You talk about Sunnyside ofbpaper. Are you using photo stock paper?


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