How to Apply Complex Water Decals - Tutorial

How to apply complex water decal

How to Apply Complex Water Decals - Tutorial

Applying Multipart Decals

This tutorial is for those who want to develop their DIY skills. The method of applying complex water decals may seem a bit difficult, but creates most desirable effect – illusion of print.

Cut it out

The key to success is to remove unprinted edging of the decal. All principles of application process remain the same (see the tutorial on applying of large water decals), with one difference: the decal must be cut out before the job.

You need to get rid as much of unprinted decal as possible and then, having separate elements cut, to align them on your surface using the template provided.

More detailed information you can find on our sister website in article titled Water Slide Decals: Transfer Complex Print to Furniture

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