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PVA Glue Print Transfer – Mod Podge substitute

The first print transfer technique we mastered many years ago was the one with use of a PVA glue, which was our answer to American Mod Podge method.

For those who do not know, Mod Podge is a thick and sticky glue used by American children on art and craft classes. It used to cost a fortune. We were very puzzled for why it was so expensive. We were not rich at the time (not that we are now), so we decided to find a substitute to this method.
And we did.

We found a PVA glue.

For those who don’t know, PVA is a thick and sticky glue used by British children on art and craft classes. It costs peanuts.
Moreover – you do not need to import it from across the Ocean, as you may also buy it in the Sainsbury’s stationary section.

We were calling ourselves “Touch the Wood” back in those days, and you can find a tutorial on this subject written under this name at the Touch the Wood website.



  1. Ginger Henriquez

    Hello, I am a beginner with tranfers projects where do I get your products? Since I live in California, USA


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Deborah
    The wood must be smoothly sanded and protected with a varnish / wax to make a surface non-porous, otherwise the decal’s adhesive won’t hold
    Kind regards


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