Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face

Customers’ Submission: Clock Face Stencil

Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face

Customized Classic Clock Face Stencil.

Once again we have a pleasure to present effects our customers achieved with our stencils. This time it is Paddington Clock Face Stencil.

The Paddington Clock Face is classical in its form, circular with elegant thin rims and Roman Numerals. The face is handless, which means that you can easily use it for decorating your own, real life wall clock DIY project; however – the version of Paddington Clock Face with Hands is also available.

The stencil is fully customizable. You can replace the original wording with your own text. The top slogan calls the manufacturer’s name “Paddington Clock Co.” and the bottom says “England”, both written with our Paddington Roman Stenciled Font. In the middle there is a name of the town Carlton where the company were based, stenciled with our Decorative Vintage Font.

Both of designs were customized accordingly to our customers’ needs.

Paddington Clock – Hertford

This particular stencil was customized for Jayne Dutt.
We adjusted the size and changed the name from Carlton to Hertford.
We received two images with the stencil used. We were pleasantly surprised with the posh feeling coming out the images.

Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face, stencil on the wall Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face - stencil on the wall

Kemberling Clock – Maryland

This clock face was ordered by American family named Kemberling. They wanted to adopt the clock look to their local environment, hence Maryland at the bottom and Annopolis (missed at the photo) in the middle of the face.

The bottom circle was left empty for a thermometer dial, which was also customized by us (unfortunately we did not received photos featuring the final look).

Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face, stencil on wooden board

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