Brass & Copper Stampunk Shelf – Colour Presentation

Steampunk Shelf – Dark Oak Distresed Finish

We’ve been commissioned by the nicest lady from across the pond. She liked our Brass & Copper Steampunk Shelves, and wished to have one for herself. And the cost of shipping did not scare her off.

Obviously we were more than happy to fulfill her wish, especially that she was interested in distressed oak finish.

Distressing the stain after painting gives the wood a very bold appearance, the grain stands out prominently. I like this finish very much, but we don’t sell it very often. We don’t even have any example of it in our gallery. However, at the lady’s request, I took a photo of a sample we have in our workshop, hanging on the wall.
I love this steampunk feel and the contrast between a wood and a metal. Isn’t that pretty?

The unit will be rady within a week, stay tuned to see the final effect. And in a meantime, please have a look at the Steampunk items we have in our shop.


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