Autumn Leaves – Custom Water Decal Print

Water Decal Stickers – Made to Order Print

In the country I come from, when the weather is dry, sky bright and the sunshine makes all the colours vibrant, this season is called a Golden Polish Autumn. On the other hand, when is raining, cold and depressigng – they call it a Typical English Weather. And I wonder why. This year, the autumn in UK is golden indeed.
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Stenciled Letters Sets and Alphabets

Our range of letters sets with numerals and signs

There are plenty of times when you want to use those: letters, numbers or signs. Whether it’s to make an informative plaque on a toilet door or paint numbers on a restaurant tables – these stenciled sets of letters are here to help. Let me present our collection.
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Stay Home & Be Creative

Main banner - stencil tiles arranged side by side to create phrase 'stay home and be creative'

20% Off on All Products to Keep You Home.

As we all have more free time during these strange days, we would like you to focus your mind on creativity. This Is the way to feel again the positive vibes we need now so much.

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Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face

Customers’ Submission: Clock Face Stencil

Customers' Subbmissions 02 - Paddington Clock Face

Customized Classic Clock Face Stencil.

Once again we have a pleasure to present effects our customers achieved with our stencils. This time it is Paddington Clock Face Stencil.

The Paddington Clock Face is classical in its form, circular with elegant thin rims and Roman Numerals. The face is handless, which means that you can easily use it for decorating your own, real life wall clock DIY project; however – the version of Paddington Clock Face with Hands is also available. Read More