Applying Window Privacy Fim – Wet Method tutorial

Main banner - window privacy film attached to a glass, with a pattern of twigs and flowers

Applying Window Privacy Fim

Please have a look at the short film covering an application of window privacy film with a wet method.

What you need

The method is fairly easy, however, from my perspective, quite time consuming: successful removing of a transfer paper requires the decal to dry, and we are talking about water trapped between sticker and the glass.
The tools you need are: a window cleaner, soapy water in a spray bottle, a razor blade, a cloth and a squeegee.
By soapy water I mean a regular tap water with a drop or two of a washing up liquid.

The film used in the tutorial is made of a white vinyl decal instead of the etch effect (“frosted glass”) we have for sale in our shop. But it makes no differnce for the method.
The film can be bought as Twigs and Flowers Privacy Window Film, and is also available as a stencil: Twigs and Flowers Ornamental Pattern Vintage Stencil

Before you start

The decal will be delivered by a postman in a durable cardboard tube. We will include written instructions.
The decal will be weeded (which means all unnecessary elements – i.e. of a background – would be removed) with a sheet of application tape attached to it. During the application process your job will be to safely transport the vinyl itself from an original backing paper onto the application tape.

Application Process

I do not have much to say in this matter. As a picture say a thousand words my advice is to have a look at the video. And keep asking in case if any questions arose.


  1. Jinny

    Hi, I have followed all the instructions and it drains stick to my windows at all, the whole piece just peels off. Any suggestions!

    1. admin Post author

      I guess the patience is the key. Leave it overnight to dry, this will help.


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