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Video tutorial on applying Art Deco vinyl - Vogue Magazine Cover

How to Apply Vinyl Decal on a Wall – tutorial

Main banner - vinyl decal attached to the wall, image shows black graphic of a woman's face

Applying Art Deco Vintage Vinyl Decal.

As we are planning to launch Vinyl Decals sell in our shop, we decided it’s time to get ready for it. We are starting with a video tutorial explaining how to apply vinyl decal to a wall (it’s usually not as straightforward as one could imagine.

For this purpose we used a design which will be launched first… soon.
The design is based on original cover of American edition of the Vogue magazine, back from 1920’s. Size of this particular one is A1 – 594 x 841 mm (23.4 x 33.1 in)

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How to Apply Large Water Decals Tutorial

How to Apply Large Water Decals – Tutorial

How to Apply Large Water Decals Tutorial

Applying French Vintage Water Decal.

This the easiest way of applying water decal, does not require any particular skills, can be done by anyone. You just take sheet of decal and transfer the thin layer of plastic onto your chosen surface.

Downfall of such method is fact that you leave unprinted decal on your surface. And this can be visible when looked at against certain angle.
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How To Make Custom Water Slide Decals - Tutorial

How to Make Custom Water Slide Decals – Tutorial

How To Make Custom Water Slide Decals - Tutorial

Preparing Custom Water Decal.

Using Water Slide Decals is a very easy method of transferring print to furniture, the effect achieved with this medium can be quite striking.

In this tutorial you can see how straightforward is creating your own furniture print transfer with our Blank Water Slide Decal sheets, you will learn how to PRINT, and how to PROTECT your transfer.
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Kat & Kris - profile image

We are Kat and Kris…

Kat and Kris introduction

…and we want to introduce ourselves.

We are BigBite Studio.

We restore furniture, create print transfers, design graphics and so on. We have a lot of things to share, so we decided that the time has come, thank you. Read More