Discounts and promotions

Up to 69% OFF on Bulk Orders

We provide various discounts on our products, up to 69% off on bulk orders, to see more please go to Discount Offer for Retailers.

20% discount for a picture

20% discount when you post us a photo with our products used in your project.

We give our customers an opportunity to present their work (and we add 20% discount on top of it).

If you used our products, no matter stencils or water decals, please share the result with us. Just take a picture, send it over and we will include it in Customers’ Submissions section of our website. As a reward you will receive a coupon for 20% discount on your next order.

If you want to participate, please email your images to with ‘Customer Submission’ in the title of the message.
We will email you the coupon shortly afterwards.

New arrivals discount

Banner presenting 'New arrivals discount': 20 percent off on freshly added items

For a limited time the latest products are discounted.
It is 20% off for you.
To make it work, simply use a promo code: coupon ‘new-product‘ on the checkout.

Links for discounted items are listed below.